Irodori As Homework (English instruction)

Why I made this site.

Using the Irodori Textbook to either teach or study Japanese is both very effective and convenient also for private lessons or self-taught students. The Irodori text can be used in class, but it can also be used for other purposes, such as to increase input or for vocabulary learning. In fact, I use the Irodori textbooks to have my students study at home, as my class time (one hour per week) is not enough. Alternatively, each student can do it at home as a review of what they have done in class and submit it. Alternatively, you can ask the students to do some units as a test to check their level.

In each of these cases, I combined Google Form and YouTube to make grading as easy as possible from the teacher's side and as clear as possible from the students' side. Detailed instructions are given below, if you are not familiar with GoogleForm.

Irodori Homepage

Irodori Website : you can download texts and audio files. 



How to use

  1. You can create a copy of the relative Google Form automatically by clicking the page number you need. The default format is Japanese and Romaji. Should you wish to change this (for example, adding translation or instruction in your language) you can do this by keying in your text directly into the Google Form you have created. 

  2. The default setting of the Google Form for students submitting is 'to write the student's name as an option'. However, you can create additional space if you need more information such as their email address. 

  3. Next, you send the Google Form submission link to your students - or you can use the Google Form for homework directly within Google Classroom.

  4. When each student completes answering the Google Form, you can access their answers. If needed, you can create a mark scheme for any answers as an option as in 2) above.  Checking and correcting will be done automatically. 

  5. For those unfamiliar with using the Google Form, support and guidance is available on request.

For students,

the advantage is that they just have to open up the Google Form as there is no need to access textbooks or open audio files.

For teachers,

the advantage is that they just have to send the Google Form to students and the correct answers will follow automatically as necessary.

How to use Google Form (video)